4G provision improves in Brazil

The country is ranking higher in terms of speed - but other Latin nations perform better in terms of availability, says study.

4G provision has improved in Brazil over the last year, according to a new study from consulting firm OpenSignal.

The country has jumped to the 42nd position in a ranking of 77 countries listed in the State of the LTE report. A year ago, Brazil ranked 52nd.

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Fourth generation mobile internet in Brazil has been provided at an average speed of 20,34 Megabits per second (Mbps), according to the State of the LTE report.

This shows an improvement on the 16 Mbps 4G speed noted in a previous global study on 4G provision carried out by the firm in 2015 and the 19.68 speed recorded a year ago.

In terms of how consistently accessible fourth-generation networks are, Brazilian users have managed to connect to 4G networks 59,31 percent of the time.

But other Latin countries fared better than Brazil in that respect, with 4G being available 70,97 percent of the time in Argentina and 75,09 percent of the time available in Peru.

Singapore, South Korea and Hungary top the study's LTE speed charts, along with Norway - all countries with average LTE download connections of 40 Mbps or greater.