Digital wallet closer to reality as Iowa plans smartphone driver's license launch

You can now leave your credit cards behind when you have your smartphone. In Iowa you will soon be able to flash your phone to show off your driver's license.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

As Apple Pay and Google Wallet continue to see increased adoption rates, your smartphone as a digital wallet comes closer to reality. Iowa DOT is knocking down more barriers to this practice by providing digital driver's licenses in 2015.

My driver's license is one physical card I carry in the iFrogz Cache, but I would prefer to roll that card onto my iPhone 6 Plus. The State of Iowa will provide the app for free as a companion to a physical driver's license card.

DOT representatives stated that this new digital driver's license will be accepted by Iowa law enforcement officers during traffic stops and by security officers screening traveler's at Iowa's airports. I learned that Iowa is just one of more than 30 states that already allows digital proof of insurance during a traffic stop.

While I like the idea of having the ability to store all my information on my phone, I am not prepared to hand over an $850+ smartphone on the side of the road. I don't use Apple Pay or Google Wallet at the drive through now since I don't want to risk dropping my phone out the window.

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