A day after stellar Q2 report, Salesforce confirms layoffs

Salesforce said it is "eliminating some positions that no longer map to our business priorities" while helping affected employees find new roles.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

A day after reporting one of its strongest financial quarters ever, Salesforce on Wednesday confirmed it is laying off some employees. The layoffs affect around 1,000 of Salesforce's 54,000 employees, the Wall Street Journal reported

"We're reallocating resources to position the company for continued growth,"  a company spokesperson confirmed to ZDNet. "This includes continuing to hire and redirecting some employees to fuel our strategic areas, and eliminating some positions that no longer map to our business priorities." 

The spokesperson added that Salesforce is helping the affected employees "find the next step in their careers, whether within our company or a new opportunity."

Salesforce on Tuesday reported second quarter revenues of $5.15 billion, up 29 percent from a year ago. Next week, Salesforce's stock will be included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. 

Salesforce is one of several cloud-based and digital companies that has outperformed the broader market this year through the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, other tech companies like Mozilla, Uber and Airbnb have had to lay off employees due to the pandemic-related economic turbulence. 

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