A new PowerBook and online service surprises

My new 15" PowerBook arrived today. Getting it set up has been dirt simple.

My new 15" PowerBook arrived today. Getting it set up has been dirt simple. When I fired it up, it asked me if I wanted to transfer all my old files, I said "yes," plugged in the Firewire cable and 30 minutes later it was pretty much exactly like my old TiBook except faster and with more disk space. Nice.

There's several shareware programs that I've bought with licenses that are somehow linked to the machine ID since 3 or 4 of them asked me to reenter the serial numbers. No problem, I keep the all the emails for things I buy in a folder and I just looked them up--all except Sailing Clicker, I couldn't find a receipt for that one.

As I was contemplating what to do, I noticed a link in the preferences that said "find your license." That seemed pretty helpful and when I clicked on it, I noticed that the service was from eSellerate. I shouldn't have been surprised--I've been impressed with their service before. I asked them to email me my order history and there was my serial number right in the email. I entered it and all was well.

I've never used eSellerate to sell software, but this is the second time they've pleasantly surprised me on the consumer side with a well-thought service that makes my life easier. I wish every online service were this good.


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