A Year Ago: Euro Q2 PC sales grew 16 per cent

This story first appeared Wed, 6 Aug 1997

Despite gloomy prognostications by analysts, PC sales in Europe grew 16 per cent year on year for the April-June quarter, according to Dataquest market research. However, home sales rose just nine per cent, adding credence to the blame Intel recently put on low spending in the consumer sector for relatively sickly chip sales.

As with the US, it was also a successful quarter for larger PC vendors with Dell (fifth) and Siemens Nixdorf (fourth) up close to 60 per cent and Hewlett-Packard (third) and Compaq (first) also up sharply.

Compaq retains a stranglehold on the market with a 15.1 per cent market share, way ahead of IBM's nine per cent.