ACCAN small business digital tech kit goes live

A new program by the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network is aimed at helping small businesses make the most of broadband and emerging IT infrastructure.
Written by Leon Spencer, Contributor

The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) has launched a new Digital Business Kit and accompanying website as part of its Digital Ready program, which is aimed at encouraging small businesses to keep pace with industry by embracing emerging broadband and IT infrastructure.

ACCAN's Digital Ready program, developed in partnership with the Australian government, is targeted at small businesses and not-for-profit organisations in the arts, recreation, and education services sector.

The program's kit was launched today by the Council Small Business of Australia executive director Peter Strong at the 2014 ACCAN National Conference, and is expected to enable SMBs to take advantage of the opportunities offered by emerging digital and telecommunications technology.

"Small business stands to greatly benefit from digital technology," said Strong. "The ACCAN Digital Ready Digital Business Kit is a tremendously useful education initiative for Australian small businesses."

ACCAN said that the aim of the federal government-funded Digital Business Kit project is to help organisations build skills and knowledge to engage in the digital economy.

The kit contains tailored, sector-specific "how-to" guides on the use of digital and online systems to improve your business and operations. The kit contains instructional materials, video case studies, and video tutorials.

It covers a range of topics over six modules, including getting connected to fast broadband, determining an online strategy, using social media, the cloud, online registration, e-commerce, and telework.

"The Digital Business Kit is a practical and powerful way to increase the services and outreach we offer our small business and not-for-profit membership, as well as the broader community," said ACCAN CEO Teresa Corbin. "The team has researched the sector thoroughly to target the kit appropriately, and we're really excited about the opportunities we're able to offer through Digital Ready.

"The kit is free for anyone to access and is available now. Organisations can access it through our DigitalReady.org.au website, and can complete the modules at their own pace," she said.

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