Accenture launches software to simulate cloud architecture, services at scale

The idea is that Accenture's myNav software may be able to help enterprises look before they make their cloud computing choices.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Accenture has launched a platform that will enable enterprises to simulate various cloud services and architectures to optimize for costs, existing infrastructure and desired business goals before making a vendor decision.

The software, called myNav, aims to solve a real issue. Many cloud service choices and architectures--public, private, multi-cloud and hybrid--are made without simulations. In addition, unforeseen issues also hamper cloud migrations.

Accenture wrapped up variables that go into a cloud decision, data from more than 30,000 migration projects, identifies vendors and then simulates services at scale so enterprises can adjust objectives and business cases. myNav also provides a custom cloud migration roadmap.

The process behind myNav goes like this:

  • An assessment of an enterprise's existing infrastructure and recommending public, private, multi-cloud or hybrid options.
  • An artificial intelligence engine to recommend an architecture based on Accenture's knowledge base of cloud projects and best practices.
  • Simulations of a scaled up model to match migrations with business cases and requirements.

For Accenture, the effort is a handy way to gain clients as well as more cloud migration projects. If myNav can deliver its simulations and model cloud migrations, it might be a win for companies.

Here's a screen shot:

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