AdForce claims superior performance

AdForce reports 99.999% of uptime, attributing the outstanding perfomance to the company's focus on technology.

AdForce, Inc., a centralized ad serving agency reports an almost uninterrupted uptime for the past six months.

An outsourced, ad serving agency, AdForce serves advertisements to websites for web publishers and advertisers and their agencies.

The company has been keeping a 99.999% rate of uptime for the ads that it served for the past six months.

Delivery speed has been clocked at less than 0.5 seconds, which the company believes to be significantly faster than its major competitors.

The AdForce figures are submitted by Keynote Systems, an Internet performance measurement consultancy.

Keynote reports show that AdForce consistently delivers ads faster than the Keynote Business 40 and other ad serving providers.

From May 2000 through the present, AdForce averaged a 0.42 second response time for ad delivery.

AdForce credits its performance to its global ad serving infrastructure which grew out of a company focus on technology.

"Our distributed architecture has enabled us to achieve the best system performance in our industry," said Harish Rao, chief technology officer of AdForce.

"We count among our customer base some of the most heavily trafficked sites, portals and ad networks on the Internet. Our ad delivery and management technology has scaled seamlessly in the face of our customers' dramatic growth, while maintaining the system availability that they depend on."