Adobe expands Microsoft partnership with PDF Services integration

The new integration, along with updates to Adobe Sign and Scan, are about getting work done and documents signed from within the tools people are already using.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

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About two years after launching its strategic partnership with Microsoft, Adobe's is rolling out some product innovations that further connect the two companies.

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The updates and new Microsoft integrations from Adobe are primarily about getting paperwork done and documents signed from within the tools workers are already using. For starters, that means making Adobe's PDF tools available as a service inside of Microsoft's tools.

Previously, to create or interact with a PDF, a user would have to go to Adobe's Acrobat desktop products. Now, they can find those capabilities within SharePoint, OneDrive and Office 365. Within Microsoft Word, Excel or Powerpoint, a user can convert documents into high-quality Adobe PDFs. In SharePoint and OneDrive, a user can

Adobe is also introducing updates to Adobe Sign, including a deeper integration with Microsoft Dynamics.

Last year, Adobe Sign, the company's e-signature service, became Microsoft's preferred e-signature offering across Office 365 and Dynamics 365. Now, the companies are embedding Adobe Sign into Dynamics' multi-step workflows. They're also adding the capability to pull into Sign customer contact details from LinkedIn Navigator. Additionally, Adobe is releasing Sign on Microsoft Azure, meaning customers will be able to use Azure data centers to store all of their Sign information.


On top of that, Sign also now has self-service tools to enable admins to respond to GDPR privacy requests. Sign is also now officially FedRAMP Tailored authorized.

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Adobe is also adding new functionality to the relatively new Adobe Scan app, which allows a user to take a picture of any content with their smartphone and make it look like a high-quality scan. Now, the app can process pictures of paper business cards and add the information from the card to your digital contacts. The one-year-old app, powered by Adobe's Sensei AI capabilities, has 10.5 million downloads already.

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