AFP plans major software overhaul

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is finalising request for tender documents for a new procurement process that aims to replace its legacy case management systems with one, off-the-shelf application suite.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) is looking to replace the systems it uses to log investigations with one, off-the-shelf application suite.

The AFP released a request for information looking for a new Investigation, Intelligence and Incident Management (IIM) system to handle information on large, complex investigations. The system will in time replace the current "Police Real-time Online Management Information System", or PROMIS.

The new platform will be expected to handle vast quantities of information relating to closed and ongoing cases, including operational reports, evidence logging and tracking, planned operation work and arrest warrant management. It ultimately needs to support officers in the identification and prosecution of offenders.

The AFP has also flagged a need for the software to be deployed in remote, "restrictive" environments for remote operations personnel.

The PROMIS system currently used by the AFP is also used by the Australian Crime Commission and the Northern Territory Police.

In its tender documents, the AFP specified its intention to procure an "off-the-shelf" software suite as opposed to a fully customised application set. The aim is to minimise the need to customise the application in its development, saving time and money — a deployment strategy used by New Zealand telco, TelstraClear.

The Federal Police intends to release full request for tender documents to market in January 2011.