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Amazon Echo can now control Wink smart home products

Amazon's voice-controlled, connected speaker keeps getting smarter: New integrations add support for Wink bulbs and switches from Lutron and Leviton.

You can add another Amazon Echo integration to the growing list: The part-time Bluetooth speaker and full-time personal assistant works with Wink products.


Initial support works with select Wink lightbulbs, Leviton and Lutron Caseta switches.

Ironically, I was just talking on a podcast about Wink-supported Link bulbs as a cheaper alternative to those from Philips Hue, which gained Amazon Echo support back in April.

While I have tested the variable color Hue LED bulbs in my house -- controlling them from an Apple Watch -- they can cost up to $60. By comparison, a white LED Link bulb is $20.

Frankly, I can live without the ability to turn my home office into a disco scene with pulsating colors for that cost savings.

Note that if you have multiple Wink bulbs installed, Amazon Echo won't recognize any light groupings you've set up in the Wink app. So you can't say "Alexa, turn on the living room lights" if you've grouped several bulbs in that room through Wink's software. However, you can group them in the Alexa app to make such commands work.

Amazon began selling the Echo last year through an invite-only system at a reduced price but recently announced that anyone can purchase the product for $179.99, with shipments to start on July 14.

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