Amazon Echo, Tap marked down 15 percent for today only

If you've been contemplating buying an Amazon Echo, it's not every day you can get Amazon's voice assistant 15 percent off.


Amazon Echo

(Image: File photo)

Amazon announced on Tuesday its Amazon Echo and Amazon Tap personal assistant are marked down 15 percent in a rare sale.

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The Echo, Amazon's flagship speaker for its Alexa voice assistant, has been marked down to $153.71 and the Amazon Tap to $111.01. The prices, marked down from $179 and $129, are lasting for one day only.

Amazon says the sale is to commemorate being ranked the number one company in the US for its reputation by the Reputation Institute.

The Alexa ecosystem, consisting of the Echo and Tap, has been gaining a lot of attention as Amazon looks to take over your home. The Echo and Tap can take voice commands for access to information, booking an Uber , and audio control.