Amazon enables sending documents from the PC to Kindle

Amazon's new "Send to Kindle" option makes it possible to transfer files from Windows applications to the Kindle.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Amazon just added a huge new piece of functionality to the Kindle, making it more useful for all sorts of personal and business purposes.

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Much like the Send to Kindle e-mail process, the "Send to Kindle" for PC feature allows Kindle owners to transfer documents from Windows applications directly to the Kindle.

All one has to do is either right-click on one or more documents and choose Send to Kindle, or much like creating a PDF, you can select Print and choose Send to Kindle.

These documents should operate in the same way that other files that already exist on your Kindle do, such as syncing the last page read, highlights, and bookmarks. Additionally, users can archive the files in the Kindle Library, which might be a nice and quick backup option for files you want on hand for future reference.

Again, take note of the word "Windows" as this option is still only available for PC users. However, Amazon promises that support for Mac applications is coming soon.


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