Amazon Go store concept moves to the suburbs

The first suburban store will open up outside of Seattle.
Written by Allison Murray, Staff Writer

Amazon is opening more of its Amazon Go stores in the suburbs to cater to customers who don't live in a big city.

The tech giant's new store concept is still called Amazon Go but is geared towards suburban customers so they can shop at the store closer to home without driving all the way to a city to get the experience. The first store will be 6,150 square feet and open in the coming months in Mill Creek, Wash., a northern suburb of Seattle.

This location will use the same Just Walk Out technology as the other Amazon Go stores that allow customers to walk in, take what products they want from the shelves, and walk out without having to interact with a cashier or a self-checkout machine.

Amazon said it plans to take this suburban store concept to the LA metro area as well, adding that several new selection offerings will be available at these new stores.

Amazon opened its first Go store in 2018 and currently has 24 of them operating throughout the U.S. in cities like Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, and New York. These stores are modeled off the traditional convenience store and have items like ready-to-eat food, drinks, snacks, and essentials.

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Aside from these smaller convenience-type stores, the company also has Amazon Fresh stores that use the same tech but are larger and offer more grocery and fresh food options. Amazon's other physical store locations span several states and include Amazon 4-Star, Amazon Books, and Amazon Pop Up stores.

Last week, Amazon announced it's also adding a retail store focused on fashion to its brick-and-mortar lineup, called Amazon Style. The first location will open to the public later this year in LA and include technology in the shopper experience. For example, by using the Amazon Shopping app, customers can send items to a fitting room, use a touchscreen to browse more options, rate items, and request more sizes or styles delivered directly to their room within minutes.

Amazon's technology-focused shopping experience could soon come to other retail stores as well since the tech giant previously said it planned to license out its Just Walk Out technology to other brands. So far, the company has sold its technology to the Dallas Love Field Airport at a Hudson convenience store, as well as several other third-party locations.

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