Amazon pursued by 238 suitors in headquarters bid

The company is being wooed with everything from tax breaks to branded cities.

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Amazon is counting its suitors with a total of 238 proposals submitted for the firm's new headquarters.

The second headquarters, dubbed HQ2, has generated enough interest that hundreds of cities across the United States have asked Amazon to consider them.

The retail giant released the number of proposals on Monday together with a map revealing that proposals have been received from a total of 54 states, districts, and territories in the country.

Seattle-based Amazon intends to invest over $5 billion in the construction of the second headquarters, which will, in turn, provide up to 50,000 jobs for locals.

The company says that HQ2 will be "a full equal to our current campus," and together with Amazon's investment and the presence of the firm itself, city officials are likely considering how the building could help the local economy.

Amazon is aware of the potential financial rewards, too, saying that HQ2 equates to "tens of thousands of additional jobs and tens of billions of dollars in additional investment in the surrounding community."

The company estimates that every dollar invested into the first headquarters has pumped $1.40 into Seattle's economy.

"We want to find a city that is excited to work with us and where our customers, employees, and the community can all benefit," the company says.

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Some of the bids have focused on traditional benefits such as tax breaks. New Jersey, for example, has offered $7 billion in credit against taxes should Amazon HQ2 be built in Newark.

Others, however, have taken more colorful routes.

In Georgia, Stonecrest has offered to form the "city of Amazon" if it is chosen for HQ2, which is nothing if not a massive branding and promotional push. The city is home to roughly 34,000 people and while close to an airport, is new and relatively undeveloped.

Kansas City is also keen to secure Amazon's favor, enough so that the Mayor, Sly James, recently went on a manic shopping spree and gave 1,000 Amazon products 5-star reviews -- while mentioning Kansas City at every turn, of course.

Amazon will choose the location for its second headquarters next year.

This week, in related news, Amazon said that the head of comedy and drama at its entertainment studio unit, Joe Lewis, has resigned. As reported by Reuters, while no reason was given, the move comes a month after the head of Amazon Studios, Roy Price, left due to harassment allegations. Lewis, however, is reported to still hold a producing deal with the company.

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