Amazon should Special Offer all of its Kindles

Special Offers is a great addition to the Kindle family. Now it's time for Amazon to integrate it into its entire offering.

I previously wrote up a review of the Special Offers Kindle. At the time Amazon was only offering a Wi-Fi only version of Special Offers. However, earlier this week Amazon announced that it was going to extend its Special Offers functionality to its 3G line, too.

The new Special Offers Kindle 3G is currently selling for $164, a $25 discount off of the standard $189 price. Functionally the 3G and Special Offers 3G are the same, with the Special Offers Kindle coming in cheaper and also integrating the Special Offers page in the menu screen and ads throughout.

As I mentioned in my review, I think the special offers piece is fantastic, and could even be a Groupon-like service in no-time. I also think that Amazon should consider offering up the Special Offers as part of the regular offering on all models of Kindle in the future. Obviously, there would need to be a clear differentiation between the Special Offers version of the Kindle and the regular, so my recommendation would be to just integrate the option of Special Offers, and not put ads all over the Kindle.

It's amazing to see how cheap a Kindle is now. As everyone knows, it's a great e-Reader, but it's also a fairly decent web browser, though Amazon still calls this "experimental". So, free 3G service with a web browser, e-Reader, and a gaming device. Not too bad.

One more thing: how low will the price of these Kindles and e-Readers in general go? I can definitely see Amazon dropping its Wi-Fi Special Offers Kindle to below $99 before the holiday season, or maybe as a back to school special.

Next up: a color Kindle.