And now for some good news... Check out Facebook's homegrown datacenters

The world's largest social network earlier this year dished the details on its global datacenters, which are grounded in open source and energy efficiency.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor
Image: Facebook

With more than 1.3 billion users (and counting), Facebook's global datacenters are dotted all over the world to give its users the fastest service.

While its Silicon Valley partners, like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, have all clamored to build datacenters in their own way, Facebook took a slightly different approach.

The world's largest social network by user base expanded its datacenter footprint over the last few years by pushing energy efficiency to the greatest extent, and utilizing open source technologies to squeeze every ounce of power out of its servers.

Facebook shared with ZDNet how it did it, and why, in a slideshow tour of the company's global datacenters — from Prineville, Oregon to Luleå, Sweden.

Because something has to power the six billion "likes" per day...

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