Android users are getting a new feature tomorrow

New Google-branded app for Android to be announced tomorrow--get your guesses in now.
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor on

The internet was buzzing with news of Google holding a "small event" tomorrow (Wednesday). Now it seems that PC magazine has confirmed that Google will announce a new Android feature tomorrow at the event. According to PC Magazine, citing a Google spokesperson, it will be a small event that will result in a Google blog post.

So, what could this new Android feature be? It's probably something small, but perhaps it could also include a sneak peak of the next UI coming to Android?

We previously have experienced Froyo rolling out on a number of devices, so there's no telling what Google might be showing off tomorrow.

Before Google confirmed it was Android-based, I was going to throw out that maybe Google was re-skinning its web-based Gmail, G-Calendar, etc., suite. Now I'm thinking more along the lines of Google announcing a mobile / Android version of one of its many latest acquisitions.

Any ideas? There's plenty of room left at GoogleLabs.com, where Android only has 12 of the 42 spots occupied currently.

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