Anti-virus vendors swap jabs

Symantec and McAfee have become embroiled in a nasty slanging match over the former's claims for its Norton AntiVirus (NAV) software.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

McAfee is demanding that Symantec withdraws its current NAV 2.0 package because the packaging claims 100 per cent protection against Word Macro viruses.

In a prepared statement, McAfee says that: "Because new viruses are being discovered each day, it is virtually impossible to detect all computer viruses. Symantec's irresponsible marketing tactics not only harms the consumer, but also damages the credibility of the entire anti-virus industry."

McAfee goes on to claim that the "independent" authority cited by Symantec for its claims is actually one of the firm's resellers, and that tests are biased in NAV's favour.

Symantec responded by saying McAfee was conducting "a deliberate misinformation campaign".

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