Apple confirms fix coming for iOS 7 screen crash

iOS 7 mysterious shut down bug could be nixed in an upcoming update.

Apple will soon issue a fix for an annoying bug that's been causing the screen on some iOS 7 devices to crash.

The forthcoming fix comes after dozens of complaints under a thread on Apple's support forum, highlighted by Mashable, about an iOS 7 bug that mysteriously shuts the device off, often when the phone's battery dips below 30 percent, resulting in a black or white 'screen of death'.

Complaints about the bug go back to September — days after Apple first released iOS 7 — so if they're all referring to the same issue, it's persisted through out several iOS 7 updates, with the operating system currently at version 7.0.4.

The good news is that Apple has acknowledged an issue and is promising a fix for it. 

"We have a fix in an upcoming software update for a bug that can occasionally cause a home screen crash," an Apple spokesperson said in a statement to ZDNet.

There's no indication of when that might occur, but Apple's 7.1 beta is rumoured to be made public shortly.

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