Apple launches a quieter iPod

The Mac maker doctors its digital music player after French authorities complain of noise levels

Apple on Tuesday released a doctored version of its iPod software with the necessary adjustments to cater for strict French laws on noise.

The French government was upset at the noise the iPods were capable of making, claiming they exceeded legal 100 decibel (dB) level.

Apple was forced to remove the controversial personal MP3 player from sale until they could be toned down from the previous maximum output of 104dB.

Users in France wanting to play by the rules and listen to their Serge Gainsbourg and Celine Dion MP3s under 100dB can download the necessary software update from Apple's Web site.

Apple introduced the original 5GB iPod in October 2001 and has since added 10GB and 20GB models to its lineup.

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