Apple prepares for in-store Apple Watch sales launch

The company appears to be catching up on Apple Watch supply and prepping for retail store availability. Here's how to make sure your local Apple Store has the watch you want.
Written by Kevin Tofel, Contributor

Soon you won't have to wait weeks for an online Apple Watch order. Apple is readying Apple Store employees to start selling the watch in the company's retail stores.

Evidence of Apple Stores stocking the Apple Watch this month has mounted of late, leading up to next week's WorldWide Developer Conference where I'd expect an announcement of in-store Apple Watch purchases. Apple reportedly sent an video message to store employees on Monday, explaining how the purchase process works.

In the video noted by 9to5 Mac, Apple's head of retail, Angela Ahrendts, rallied the Apple Store troops in anticipation of the in-store purchases.

While you'll be able to walk in to an Apple Store and inquire about available stock, Apple will update local inventory through its retail web store. This would allow customers to verify the exact model and size watch they want is in stock at nearby Apple Store locations. If it is, the item can be reserved for later pickup.

With so many permutations and combinations of the three Apple Watch models, two sizes and various bands, it would be a nightmare for all stores to stock them all. The online inventory check makes sense in that regard.

Apple Store availability also indicates that Apple has a better balance between supply and demand for its smartwatch. Initial orders opened in April with deliveries quickly pushed back several weeks and then into June.

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