ARM joins IBM mobile-chip alliance

Processor design company ARM will develop mobile-chip technology with IBM, Samsung and semiconductor firm Chartered

Semiconductor design company ARM will join IBM, Samsung and Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing in a group aiming to develop mobile-chip technology.

ARM announced on Monday that it would join the Common Platform group to collaborate on developing 32nm (nanometre) and 28nm 'System-on-a-Chip' design platforms based on high-k metal-gate technology.

ARM will design and license logic, memory and interface products to the group. The aim is to reduce cost and improve performance of mobile chipsets, ARM said in a statement.

"Through this early engagement, we are creating the foundation for designing power-efficient ARM 'Systems-on-a-Chip' for customers of the Common Platform," said Warren East, chief executive of ARM.

ARM CPU architecture is widely licensed and used in a variety of mobile products from companies such as RIM, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, LG and Motorola.

IBM also has deals with companies including NEC, Infineon, STMicro, Toshiba and Freescale to collaborate on 32nm technology.