Atlassian adds new features to Trello

The new central hub and updated notification capabilities should help users stay better organized.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Trello's new Home view.

Atlassian is updating its collaboration and project management tool Trello with new features that should help users stay organized.

First, there's a new Home page that serves as a central hub, showing users all of their boards, tasks and a newsfeed of activity from their Trello teams. It features an "up next" section at the top which shows cards that have impending due dates, active conversations that require a reply, as well as cards that have added you as a member but haven't had any activity. From within this section, users can directly reply to cards or check them off as complete.

Below that, the "team highlights" section shows card conversations from a user's boards, enabling a user to reply without leaving Home. On the right side of the Home hub, boards are broken down by team and personnel. Users in Trello can always navigate back to the Home hub by clicking on the Trello logo at the top of any board.

Trello is also rolling out new, more engaging notifications. From the notifications panel, users can adjust due dates, mark notifications as read or undread, or hide cards from the notifications panel all together.

The new features are currently available on Trello web and will be soon on Trello desktop and mobile.

Trello, which Atlassian acquired in 2016, complements Atlassian's other tools, including JIRA, Confluence and HipChat. That helps it compete in a crowded collaboration and project management space, which includes products from major companies like Google and Microsoft, as well as upstarts like Slack. Trello users have so far created more than 2 billion cards to manage projects, Atlassian says.

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