Atlassian launches Jira Ops, an incident response system with Slack integration

The product, now in beta, highlights how Atlassian is doubling down on managing IT teams. Atlassian also acquired OpsGenie.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Atlassian launched Jira Ops, an incident response hub for software and information technology teams.

Separately, Atlassian said it acquired OpsGenie, a company that focuses on incident reporting.

Jira Ops is a single place to respond to incidents, link systems in place and create consistent processes. Atlassian is launching Jira Ops in beta for free. The paid 1.0 version will arrive in early 2019.

For Atlassian, Jira Ops is the first launch since the company forged a partnership with Slack. That collaboration provided Atlassian an exit from real-time communications software. CEO Mike Cannon-Brookes explained how Atlassian is doubling down on IT team management on the company's fourth quarter conference call.

We will be doubling down on supporting the needs of IT teams across companies of all sizes, what we call the Fortune 500,000. Serving IT departments is an adjacent market we've been serving for years yet we barely scratch the surface of this significant opportunity. This year, you'll see us placing more emphasis on the IT market through R&D investments, partnerships and marketing.

Jira Ops is build on Atlassian's Jira platform and aims to automate and streamline incident responses, provide visibility into ongoing incidents and provide alerts, chat and status updates in one place.

The market Atlassian is targeting is any enterprise that has to avoid downtime. In addition, companies are often graded by customers on how they respond to various incidents and outages. Atlassian is aiming to enable the agile practices it helped popularize in software and take them to IT operations. Atlassian argues that IT processes are still top down and slow and need to be revamped to reflect how IT teams actually work.

Jira Ops includes:

  • Alerting tools to page first responders. The hub includes integrations with OpsGenie, PagerDuty and xMatters.
  • Slack war rooms. When an incident is opened in Jira Ops, a Slack Channel is also created and pinned to the incident ticket.
  • Statuspage updates and the ability to send directly from an incident ticket.

Here are some screenshots of Jira Ops.

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