Back-to-School Gadget: Logitech's colorful Wireless Solar Power Keyboard K750 for Mac

Logitech's K750 keyboard for Mac is a self-charging, energy efficient keyboard that can keep you working for up to 3 months in total darkness -- perfect for getting through an entire college semester.

When you have paper after paper to write during midterm hell in college, you don't have time to scramble for batteries to keep your wireless keyboard powered. With Logitech's newest solar power, wireless K750 keyboard for Mac, you can have peace of mind that at least your keyboard won't fail you.

The Wireless Solar Power Keyboard for Mac looks exactly like the PC model from last year, except the Mac model is now available in four different colors -- silver, cyan, apple green and fuchsia (the PC keyboard comes in black) -- and offers Apple-specific keys and layout. Logitech's concave key-cap design and chiclet keys enable the keyboard to be just 0.33-inch thin.

Both models have the same solar power strip that stretches along the top of the keyboard to capture energy from ambient light, where direct sunlight is not necessary to charge the keyboard's internal battery. In fact, Logitech claims a fully charged keyboard will keep you typing for up to three months in total darkness, which will get you through an entire semester.

Though wireless accessories typically link up with other devices via Bluetooth, Logitech actually developed its own energy efficient, wireless protocol for the 2.4 GHz called Unifying to pair multiple products with a single receiver. The tiny black plug in the above photo shows just how unobtrusive the Unifying USB receiver is when plugged into a computer. Thanks to Unifying, the K750 keyboard can communicate constantly with the computer to minimize lag, without draining its own power.

Just in time for Back-to-School shopping, the K750 keyboard for Mac will hit stores across America and Europe later this month for just $59.99 US; the already-launched PC version is on sale for $72 if you order direct from Logitech's website.

Still unsure about an eco-friendly keyboard that looks like a gigantic-yet-colorful calculator? I've been typing on the PC model for a couple of days now, and Rachel King will be receiving the Mac version soon, so stay tuned for our hands-on reviews.

[Source: Logitech's Blog]