Bay docks into SoHo

Bay Networks today launched a three-prong attack on the SoHo market with NetGear, a series of hubs, switches and ISDN routers.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

The EN100 series of Ethernet hubs comes in four-port (£75 + VAT), eight-port (£105 + VAT) and 16-port (£245 + VAT) models. An eight-port version with internal power costs £139 + VAT. Two stackable Fast Ethernet hubs are also available: an eight-port (£725 + VAT) and a 16-port model (£1,199 + VAT).

The two switch options in NetGear's range are a two-port (£475 + VAT) and a seven-port (£950 + VAT) model. The two-port version supports up to 10Mbits/second, while the seven-port version allows switching between a 10Mbits/sec and 100Mbits/sec LAN by dedicating its seventh port to a 100Mbits/sec server connection.

The ISDN router (£460 + VAT) comes in a compact portable CD-ROM player design and ships with GUI software to help with installation.

The NetGear range supports Plug and Play through Windows 95, but doesn't come with network management software. NetGear has already been launched in Japan in June, and the US in July.

Patrick Lo, director of product operations at Bay, said the NetGear range will sell due to its low price points, ease of use and the 24-hour, seven days a week telephone support. He added that Bay is considering a partnership with a major consumer PC manufacturer and will sell the devices through catalogue and retail channels.

Bay Networks can be contacted by telephone on 01628-774512.

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