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Best Mac cleaner: Favorite cleaning and optimization tools

Macs are good. With these tools, you can keep them that way.

Macs are true workhorses, but as is the case with every computer, detritus builds up, filling storage space, and turning a once-speedy system sluggish. With a little bit of care and feeding, a Mac can run at its best for longer. Also, depending on what you use your Mac for, having a suite of tools and utilities that can carry out useful tasks with a click of a button is super handy.

CleanMyMac X


My absolute favorite Mac utility. One click allows you to find junk files, scan my system for threats, and look for ways to speed up my system. Then, with another click, all those tasks are carried out, quickly, efficiently, and safely. It's a great product that gets regular and timely updates, and a tool that's helped me keep many Macs running smoothly for years. Highly recommended!

$34 at MacPaw

DiskWarrior 5


There are a lot of tools that claim to be able to recover your data when your disk fails. 

DiskWarrior is the only one I trust with that task. With one click, you can get DiskWarrior to scan your storage drive, finds all recoverable data, and then build an error-free, optimized copy for you.

$119 at Alsoft

Parallels Toolbox


Not a single tool, but a suite of over 30 tools, most of which are productivity and system health tools, and all of which are super easy to use. Many do their jobs with a single click.

So, what utilities are there? There's a disk cleanup tool, image resizer, video downloader, screen recorder, archiver, clipboard history tool, GIF maker, presentation mode switch, and much more. Because there are so many parts to Parallels Toolbox, I sometimes lose track of how much I use these tools every day.

$19 at Parallels

Gemini 2


One of the things that can be responsible for a lot of wasted storage space is duplicate files. It's not just duplicate files that can be a problem, but also similar files. This can be especially true when it comes to photos. Gemini 2 can scan your photos, spot ones that are similar, and lets you pick which ones to keep. 

$19 at MacPaw

TG Pro


The all-in-one temperature monitoring, fan control, and diagnostics for Macs. 

If you're someone who makes their Mac work hard, this is a fantastic tool for tuning the cooling system for optimal performance and keeping things running at their best.

$10 at Tunabelly Software

Other honorable mentions

  • MacCleaner Pro: Speed up and clean up your Mac, as well as manage your precious storage space (compatible with M1-powered Macs).
  • MacBooster 8: Free up space on your Mac by eradicating 20 different types of junk files from your system.