Borland UK claims business unaffected by US kerfuffle

Borland UK said it was unaffected by the turmoil that has swept the tools and database vendor into the headlines over the last fortnight.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

CEO Gary Wetsel resigned last week on the back of higher than expected losses of $34m for its April-June fiscal quarter. The Californian firm said the losses were the result of disappointing sales of its Delphi Desktop visual programming environment and C++ 5.0 language.

It also faces a tricky product transition with Latte, a Java-based visual development tool not due until the final quarter. Analysts say Borland may have to sell off its database suite comprising Paradox, dBASE and Interbase in order to focus on its tools business.

However, Borland UK sales and marketing director Matthew Price claimed the UK mood was upbeat. "The revenue shortfall was local to the US so adjustments will be US-only," Price said. "The international division had its best quarter in five and I've just been given the go-ahead to expand my client-server division after starting the business unit just a few months ago."

Borland will add three new staff to the current head-count of about 30.

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