Brand and watermark your photos for free with LogoLicious

This mobile app makes it insanely simple to protect your image IP.
Written by Rick Broida, Contributor

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The Laughing Dutchmen

You're out in the field, snapping photos to use for your next brochure, presentation, boosted Facebook post or whatever.

Before you send those images out into the world, though, you want to identify them as yours and/or protect them from unlawful reuse. That means applying a brand or watermark, which might normally require some time with Photoshop or a similar photo-editing tool.

Nah. There's an app for that. LogoLicious lets you add logos, watermarks and text to images on the fly -- meaning on your phone. And it's free, at least for your first 30 uses. After that, there's a voluntary in-app payment request, but you can keep using the app even if you're a cheap bastard and don't pony up.

It works like this: Snap or load a photo, then overlay any image (GIF, JPEG or PNG) from your library. There's also a versatile text tool for adding things like URLs and captions. Resizing and relocating items works as you'd expect: pinch, zoom, drag, drop.

There's no loss of image resolution when you use LogoLicious, and you can even save logo/watermark templates for easy (and consistent) application to subsequent photos.

For the moment, LogoLicious is Android-only. iPhone users can check out eZy Watermark Lite, which offers a similar feature set.

Of course, if you've found another tool you like better, call it out in the comments!

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