Brazilian federal government leads in open source adoption

New development has also taken place in the vast majority of public sector bodies, says study.

Adoption and use of open source technologies is more common in Brazilian federal government bodies rather than their state-level counterparts, according to a new study.

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Open source is more common at federal level, seen in 93 percent of organizations, while 78 percent of state-level bodies use it, according to the findings of the E-Government ICT edition carried out by the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee (

The study has also found that in 2017, new open source development has taken place in 85 percent of federal government organizations to cater for their specific requirements, while 57 percent of state organizations also developed new open systems.

Of the federal organizations that have carried out open source development in Brazil, some 52 percent have also shared these platforms with other public sector bodies.

For the study, some 1686 federal and state-level organizations were surveyed by the between July and October 2017.

The requirement to use open source software within government institutions in Brazil was formally introduced 13 years ago.