Brazilian firms want digital expertise but fail to train

Local firms are facing challenges to recruit digital roles, particularly at more senior levels, according to research.
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer

Organizations in Brazil are facing a number of challenges around recruitment of senior professionals to support their digital transformation strategies, according to a new report.

The survey carried out by local recruitment consultancy Talenses in partnership with training firm Digital House found that 88 percent of Brazilian companies are looking to hire professionals with digital competencies.

The most in-demand skills are digital marketing analyst, data scientist, customer experience specialist as well as UX/UI designer and data analyst - both areas that are seen as harder to recruit, the study says. In addition to technical competencies, firms also want people to be "innovative, easily adaptable and focused on continued learning."

Senior vacancies are more challenging to fill when it comes to digital, the report adds, with 65 percent of those polled struggling to fill manager-level roles, followed by specialist-type jobs (62 percent) and senior analyst (40 percent).

However, only 29 percent of these companies offer digital training, be it in terms of internal training or incentives for employees to seek training elsewhere.

Of the employers that focus on workforce digital development, retail accounts for 33 percent of organizations offering some type of training program, followed by services with 30 percent and manufacturing with 29 percent.

Digital transformation is demanding a "complex mindset change" from Brazilian organizations, according to the chief executive at Digital House, Carlos Alberto Júlio.

"Having digital professionals is the spark required to prompt a transformation and, even though business heads know the theory, many haven't trained their senior staff in practice," Júlio adds.

The study covered 102 Brazilian companies across all sectors.

On the other hand, Brazilian organizations see access to qualified professionals as the biggest hurdle to digital transformation initiatives, according to a separate study published this week.

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