Brazilian government to create national information security policy

The first steps towards developing a common set of security guidelines for the public sector are being taken
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer

The Brazilian government is taking the first steps towards the development of a national information security policy for the public sector.

According to an official note published by the Institutional Security Cabinet of the federal government on Friday (17), a working group has been created to debate the topic and the creation of standard security guidelines for governmental bodies.

Subjects to be discussed include the establishment of legal mechanisms and instruments to ensure data privacy, protection of intellectual capital within science and technology when it's crucial for the security of the State and the reduction of external security dependencies to protect governmental data.

The creation of mechanisms for the investigation and prevention of information security breaches and ways to address the consequences of confidential information being leaked are also on the list of topics that will be discussed.

The conclusions drawn from the activities carried out by the working group will be put together in a report, which be the foundation of a forthcoming Bill to be voted by the Lower House of Representatives later in the year.

It is expected that the findings and recommendations will be concluded within a three-month timeframe.

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