Brazilians still lack AI and chatbot awareness

The terms are familiar but people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds can't explain them, study says.
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer

About 40 percent of Brazilians from lower socioeconomic backgrounds still can't explain what is artificial intelligence (AI) and what a chatbot does despite having heard the terms before, according to a new study.

Despite lacking AI and chatbot-related knowledge, 86 percent of those polled by research firm Mob Inc claimed to be aware they were interacting with some type of technology rather than a human.

Only 3 percent of respondents said they did not know if they had such an experience.

Some 96 percent of those polled use their mobile phone as the main means of accessing the Internet.

Among consumers who had experienced automated service provision, 80 percent said such technologies still need to be improved as robots still can't fully understand or cater to consumer's demands.

In addition, some 77 percent of respondents were not excited about the idea of a robot performing their domestic tasks at home.

According to the study, that is because people value processes carried out by people more or don't feel safe using that technology in a domestic setting.

Conversely, 33 percent say they like the idea of using AI for the automation of functions around the home, to increase their comfort and to get access to a source of research as well as reminders in a more practical way.

Mob Inc polled 150 people aged between 18-55 years old within the low-income bracket, with monthly income ranging between 998-4.800 reais ($257-$1238).

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