Brazil's largest bank Itaú boosts surveillance with augmented reality

The technology allows the simulation of risky situations in training processes.
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer

Brazil's largest private bank, Itaú, has rolled out augmented reality to enhance the training processes of surveillance staff.

The technology has been introduced to enable simulations of risky situations without endangering staff and to accommodate flexibility in the creation of scenarios.

During training, employees wear augmented reality glasses for an immersion in which they go through simulations of circumstances that can happen in their daily work. The experience has a gamification element, as difficulty levels increase and employees can earn points as they progress.

In addition to making training processes more thorough and detailed, the bank claims that a major benefit of using the technology is the ability to train without impacting the actual operation or the customer experience.

Earlier this year, Itaú has implemented cameras equipped with artificial intelligence technology to boost the security and customer service of physical branches.

Enabling faster and more effective response time around criminal activity at branches was one of the main objectives of the project. Through a database, the cameras could identify suspicious activity at the premises, such as the presence of objects like firearms and iron bars.

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