BA, Apple and Microsoft are the top business suppliers in the UK's Superbrands 2017 survey

The annual Superbrands survey shows America's tech giants continuing to dominate the business market, though consumers prefer older and more comforting brands.
Written by Jack Schofield, Contributor
Superbrands 2017 Top 20 tables

The tech giants suffered further falls in the Consumer section of this year's annual UK Superbrands survey, while dominating the top of the Business section. Nevertheless, British Airways landed first for the fourth year running.

Both Apple and Google dropped two places in the Consumer rankings, while Microsoft - which was 20th last year - dropped out. It was replaced by Cancer Research UK, the first charity to make the top 20.

This was a surprise reversal for Apple, which had been climbing the chart for several years. Both Google and Microsoft are in decline, having topped the Consumer list in 2009 and 2010.

However, four tech companies made the top five places in the Business list, behind British Airways. The only change was that Microsoft climbed two places to third, pushing down PayPal and Google.

Further down the table, IBM slipped back a place to 11th, but Intel returned to the chart in 16th place, just behind Samsung.

In the separate business categories, IBM came top in Consultancy & Services, Microsoft in Software & Solutions, McAfee in Security, Apple in Hardware & Equipment, and Intel in semiconductors. BT came top in Telecommunications - General, and Nokia in Telecommunications - Infrastructure & Services. The full results are available in PDF format.

The Centre for Brand Analysis bases its annual list on ratings from 2,500 people, who are asked to rank more than 1,500 brands for quality, reliability and distinction.

Stephen Cheliotis, chairman of the Superbrands council, said: "In what can only be described as a significant year of change, the UK public have very much opted for brands that represent continuity, consistency and comfort. Whether it is John Lewis or Cadbury, the top 20 brands, bar a few notable exceptions such as Google and Apple, are traditional stalwarts of UK life."

That may not be how most of us think of Rolex.

Superbrands started in 1994 and now runs a global operation. The US subsidiary is America's Greatest Brands.

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