C3 AI renews five-year deal with Shell to provide AI and machine learning services

C3 AI will expand its offerings to Shell and help with reliability, asset integrity, and process optimization.
Written by Jonathan Greig, Contributor

Energy giant Shell has announced a new five-year deal with C3 AI that will see the company expand its deployment of AI and machine learning applications across Shell's businesses. C3 AI will be providing a slate of services around reliability, asset integrity, and process optimization, according to a statement from both companies. 

Shell CTO Yuri Sebregts said the program, which is now called "Shell.ai" is a foundational element of the company's digital strategy as it seeks to scale up its footprint in the AI space. 

C3 AI Chairman and CEO Thomas Siebel said the company is "committed to driving cleaner energy and climate initiatives globally" by deploying more AI solutions. 

"The need to accelerate the digital transformation of the energy industry and to ensure climate security has never been greater," Siebel said. 

Shell's CIO added that C3 AI would help with subsurface workflows, predictive maintenance, and other initiatives to lower costs. 

"C3 AI is an integral part of enabling Shell's deployment of enterprise AI solutions at scale," said Shell CIO Jay Crotts. "The adoption of enterprise AI and data-centric workflows are changing how we work with our assets and driving efficiency across our businesses."

C3 AI had already been working with Shell on a variety of services but launched a larger effort earlier this year called Open AI Energy Initiative, which involved both companies as well as Baker Hughes and Microsoft.

The Open AI Energy Initiative is an effort by the oil and gas industry to incorporate more technology into the work of energy operators, service providers, equipment providers, and others. 

According to a release, software vendors will provide "interoperable solutions, including enterprise AI and physics-based models, monitoring, diagnostics, prescriptive actions, and services, powered by the BHC3 AI Suite and Microsoft Azure." 

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