CA backs up healthcare group's data

A Singapore-based healthcare group installs CA's software to better store and manage its corporate data.

SINGAPORE – To ensure that its mission-critical data, applications and over 200 servers are constantly backed up, the National Healthcare Group has turned to Computer Associates for help.

Using CA's BrightStor ARCserve Backup, NHG can now back up and restore 5 terabytes of data that move between different locations and servers, without worrying about compatibility issues with different platforms, the Singapore-based healthcare group said in a statement,

The group's IT infrastructure supports 10,000 users and consists of legacy systems, including over 200 servers running different operating systems, such as Windows, Unix and Linux, and databases ranging from Oracle, SQL and Informix.

The group has two main data centers off-site, which serve as repositories for the data that populate the over 200 servers and thousands of terminals and workstations.