CA Technologies forms cobot research project with Tampere University of Technology, Tieto

CA Technologies will pair up with Finnish researchers to look into optimizing human-robot workflows.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

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CA Technologies said it will work on cobotics, collaborative robots designed to work with humans, with researchers in Finland to examine how to build human-to-robot workflows.

The company said it will work with Tampere University of Technology in Finland and Tieto, a Finnish IT software and services company.

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For CA Technologies, which has pivoted to be more of a software factory for developers and enterprises, melding robot-human workflows will matter over time. CA CTO Otto Berkes said the company is looking for the project to help it develop the proper models, algorithms and security for human-robot collaboration.

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According to CA, the first phase of the cobotics effort is to conclude at the end of 2018. CA's Strategic Research group aims to work with academia, governments, and industry groups.

Collaborative robotics is a new area in many respects and the evolution of the sector could alter the human versus robot and automation discussion when it comes to jobs.


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