CA Technologies plots big bet on DevSecOps

At CA World, CA Technologies launched a bevy of products and integrations that add up to what it hopes will be a software factory.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

CA Technologies has revamped its portfolio to add intelligence to various products that add up to what it describes as a modern software factory. A big part of that push revolves around connecting security to DevOps.

At its CA World conference, CA Technologies added artificial intelligence to multiple products, automation tools and a focus on DevSecOps (development, security and operations).

CA Technologies, which has had flat revenue at about $1 billion for several quarters, has been retooling its product portfolio with a series of applications such as Vericode.

CEO Mike Gregoire said this "modern software factory" theme revolves around how enterprises can automate software development, utilize agile techniques and embed security and analytics.

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Gregoire outlined how CA is targeting DevSecOps on the company's most recent earnings conference call.

The importance of our Veracode acquisition, which elegantly bridges our Security portfolio to our DevOps portfolio, could not have been more evident this quarter with very well-publicized recent data breaches. Security continues to be top of mind among business leaders and individuals. Looking back at the breaches that have happened in the recent past and looking ahead to GDPR or the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, which goes into effect in May of next year, it's clear that security continues to be critically important.

Today, there's an extraordinary amount of code that's written. This proliferation accelerates the need to ensure that code is written securely to prevent hacks and compromises that can severely impact consumers, tarnishing the reputation of corporations and their executives. Fixing faulty code earlier in the cycle with a SaaS-based tool before it's released is efficient, cost-effective and is in everyone's best interest. Veracode's value proposition precisely is the sweet spot.

CA Technologies is highlighting 20 new offerings and enhancements to existing products.

On the DevSecOps front CA Technologies said it will integrate products such as CA Automic, CA Veracode and Continues Delivery to enable collaboration, security and agile development.

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CA Continuous Delivery Director SaaS will provide visibility into planning and development projects and integrate with Veracode security tools. Deployment platforms such as CA Automic Application Release Automation will also be integrated.

Other key items include:

  • Enhancements to testing tools from CA such as BlazeMeter and its API testing tools. CA also rolled out a new monitoring and analytics tool called CA Digital Experience Insights.
  • A new CA Microgateway, which is designed to take monolithic applications and replace them with modular services. A microservice approach enables more continuous updating.
  • The CA Automic One Automation Platform, which will use analytics to orchestrate applications, platforms and technologies to automate processes.
  • Veracode Greenlight, which is available as a free trial to boost development speed and quality.
  • Enhancements to CA Mainframe Operational Intelligence, CA Trusted Access Manager for Z and CA Dynamic Capacity Intelligence. The aim is to embed machine learning and automation to mainframe management.
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