Canva launches video suite as workers report significant increase in usage

The company released a survey of 1,300 US workers that found 80% of workers involved in "knowledge" industries use video in some capacity.

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Canva unveiled its own Canva Video Suite on Tuesday, announcing that the new platform would help new-age workers design and publish professional-quality videos. 

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The end-to-end video tool is free online, on desktops and on mobile devices. It comes with a slate of customizable templates and a large media library to make it easier for users to create videos. 

Canva is one of a number of companies launching video creation platforms as workplaces across the world continue to rely heavily on the medium for a variety of business purposes. 

The company released a survey of 1,300 US workers that found 80% of workers involved in "knowledge" industries use video in some capacity. But 75% said the most common barrier was a lack of access to the appropriate tools and another 75% said they did not have the right skills to handle video creation. 

For 32% of the respondents, video creation requires too much time and another 28% said the tools built for video creation are too confusing. The shift to video hasn't been positive for everyone, with 39% of workers surveyed calling the deluge of video calls each day "overwhelming." Another 54% said they miss important things during live video calls. 

"Video is increasingly important in the workplace and online, but traditional tools have been too difficult, expensive, or limited for most to use. Almost everyone creates visual content in today's world, and we have re-imagined video creation and editing to meet this reality," said Rob Kawalsky, head of product at Canva. 

The templates provided on the Canva platform include ways to make TikTok Ads, YouTube Sets, business videos and more.  

The scene-based editor is designed to transform the video editing experience into one akin to presentation slides. 

Videos can be optimized for mobile apps as well as browsers and a premium subscription includes access to 27,000 royalty-free tracks. The tool also allows users to record from a Chrome tab, screen or camera. 

"One of Canva's guiding principles is to make complex things simple, and our new Video Suite will allow everyone to unlock the power of video, whether that's to market their business, make engaging social posts, or express their creativity," Kawalsky said. 

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