CeBIT 2000: Three new servers from Fujitsu Siemens

M800, M1000, M2000 available from May
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Fujitsu Siemens Computers introduced three new Unix servers at CeBIT Friday, the M800, M1000 and M2000. All three members of the GP7000F series are equipped with the latest Fujitsu 330MHz SPARC64-GP-RISC processors.

The 16-way M800 system provides up to 32GB of memory.

The 32-way M1000 system is equipped with up to 32 SPARC64-GP processors, each with its own 8MB secondary cache. The system supports eight partitions, has up to 48 PCI slots and features a UPA crossbar bus design ensuring maximum scalability.

The M2000 system provides up to 64 SPARC64-GP processors as well as a built-in 64-way (up to 64GB) memory subsystem. It also features up to 15 partitions and over 96 PCI slots. The M1000 and M2000 systems are both supplied with redundant power supply subsystems and a redundant cooling subsystem.

Because the GP7000F series is based on cluster architecture, up to 16 M2000 nodes can be combined with up to 1024 processors.

The 16, 32 and 64-way servers will be available from May 2000. Still to come within the year will be a 128-way server.

Translation by Sophie Handrick

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