Chef says its new tool can deliver your code quicker and with fewer bugs

The workflow Chef Delivery automation tool is now fully available as company says it is integrating software from Germany's VulcanoSec.
Written by Colin Barker, Contributor
Chef CEO Barry Crist.
Image: Chef
Chef, the workflow automation tool company, has announced the general availability of its DevOps tool Chef Delivery. The product was initially launched in April.

Chef Delivery features shared pipeline and workflow applications for the complete software development process, from writing initial code to testing and full production.

It aims to reinforce DevOps best practices for delivering applications and infrastructure fast and with fewer errors. Chef Delivery provides metrics for all stages of a development pipeline with full audit capabilities.

Chef also announced that it now intends to incorporate Chef Compliance into the Chef stack. Chef Compliance is built on technology from VulcanoSec, a security software company based in Germany, which Chef recently acquired.

Chef is integrating VulcanoSec's capabilities into Chef Delivery, "merging compliance and DevOps practices into a single, unified DevOps workflow", the company said in a statement.

The announcement followed Chef's last funding round of $40m, which it announced in September. This pushed the company's total funding to $103m. Chef users already include some of the world's largest companies, including Bloomberg, Facebook, GE Capital, and Yahoo.

This latest acquisition brings the VulcanoSec's audit technologies to the Chef platform. These include:

Full Compliance Coverage: Chef Compliance uses compliance profiles -- audit rules in the form of code -- to validate that a production node is properly configured. Any necessary remediation can then be systematically applied with Chef's automation framework, the company said.

An Audit Framework: Users will now be able to collaborate on, version, and deploy policy as code within a software development pipeline, integrating compliance into high-velocity software delivery. Because the tests are automated, they can be applied repeatedly to ensure even minor changes won't break any compliance rules, Chef said.

Unified Workflow: Chef is integrating its new compliance functionality, as well as its Chef Analytics reporting feature, with Chef Delivery. This will "provide a shared pipeline and proven workflow for software development that safely takes code from a developer's or operations engineer's workstation", the company said.

Chef Compliance is currently available as part of Chef Enterprise subscription the company said.

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