Cisco adds code and ecosystem exchanges to 500K-strong DevNet

Cisco has launched DevNet Code Exchange and DevNet Ecosystem Exchange to enable the sharing of applications, solutions, and tools among its 500,000 registered developers.
Written by Corinne Reichert, Contributor

Cisco has announced the launch of DevNet Code Exchange and DevNet Ecosystem Exchange, as the networking giant also revealed that the program has reached 500,000 registered developers.

Speaking at Cisco Live 2018 in Orlando on Monday, DevNet CTO Susie Wee described DevNet Ecosystem Exchange as a portal that enables the sharing of applications and solutions built for Cisco platforms, with 1,300 solutions already inside the "one-stop shop" launched on Monday.

The DevNet Code Exchange then provides developers with a place to access and share software for applications and workflow integrations.

"A curated list of sample code, adaptors, tools, and SDKs available on GitHub and written by Cisco and the DevNet community, Code Exchange spans Cisco's entire portfolio and is organised according to Cisco platform and product areas," Wee added in a blog post.

According to Wee, having 500,000 registered users means DevNet has "hit critical mass", with Cisco subsequently able to push networking innovation through community collaboration.

"This allows us to create that new innovation model where you're using innovation in our platforms themselves, but in addition you're using innovation from the community," she explained.

"What we're doing is we're catalysing community innovation with tools in DevNet; and to leverage the code that's being written by the community and get that shared, we have DevNet Code Exchange to help people find those solutions to use with our platform; and then to help people build solutions, we have DevNet ecosystem exchange.

"This helps accelerate businesses by making those connections that use the infrastructure and the ISVs [independent software vendors] who are making the software and then customising solutions through those systems integrators."

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Wee said DevNet's members come from across app developers, infrastructure developers, Internet of Things (IoT) developers, cloud developers, network experts, and IT and devops workers; during his Cisco Live keynote on Monday morning, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins added that the DevNet program is running in prisons and refugee camps.

DevNet was launched back in 2014 due to Cisco's realisation that networks would rely on software, APIs, and programmability, Wee said.

At the time of launch, Cisco had said it aimed to reach 1 million developers by 2020.

Disclosure: Corinne Reichert travelled to Cisco Live in Orlando as a guest of Cisco

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