Collective Bias launches technology for selecting better influencers

How do companies select the top-performing influencers for their influencer program?

AI-powered tool targets fake Instagram followers

Artificial intelligence is driving more and more opportunities for brands to use data mining to run the most efficient marketing campaigns with the right people.

Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Influencer marketing agency, Collective Bias, an Inmar company, launched PrescriptiveIQ in January 2018. Anyone who has redeemed a coupon, filled a prescription, or returned a product, has touched Inmar. It has access to billions of consumer and business transactions in real time.

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FitScore, one of the components of PrescriptiveIQ, is an AI-based technology that determines the best influencers for a campaign. It is based on predictive modeling that forecasts how a given influencer will contribute to a campaign.

The solution is merged with over a decade of engagement intelligence data, which automates and optimizes the influencer selection process for organisations.

Using proprietary technology, it produces a curated list of recommended bloggers and Instagram influencers who are projected to deliver the best performance based upon corporate campaign objectives and product set fit.

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It uses classification algorithms with Natural Language Processing (NLP) to take into account previous campaign performance.

It gauges influencer performance specifically on posts related to that campaign topic, as well as audience insights for a given influencer. It then ranks each influencer against both the campaign guardrails as well as their overall fit.

Recent tests of the technology showed performance increases for influencer campaigns. The component-selected influencers received higher post engagements, more content views, and higher earned media value.

Its selected influencers achieve 3.4 times more content views, 1.45 times more earned media, and 36 percent more engagements with their content compared to their average.

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Ali Mirian, SVP product at Collective Bias, said: "With FitScore, a marketer can get granular, diving deep into the specifics of a particular influencer, or oversee the campaign from a 10,000-foot view."

Taking the guesswork out of building a successful influencer program will drive efficiencies for companies that use influencers.

The costs of getting a minute's attention of an engaged customer to your site might be able to come down with more effective modeling -- performed by an AI solution

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