Comms Focus Guest Column: Ericsson's Mobile Workforce

As we dash through airports, wait in hotel lobbies and attempt to manoeuvre the rush hour tubes and streets amidst a sea of mobile phones, we witness it every day...the Mobile Workforce.

As global boundaries diminish and corporations become universally linked, the ranks of the Mobile Workforce and its communications demands are increasing dramatically. Business people are spending more workdays out of the office: Europe's Mobile Workforce currently numbers approximately 40 to 50 million individuals. In fact, it is estimated that by the year 2005, mobile data users are expected to rise by around 50 percent. Not surprisingly, emerging from this trend is the need for more advanced and efficient mobile technology.

Ericsson has directed its focus to meet and anticipate these needs with a variety of products and projects geared to facilitate mobile communication. Embracing technologies like Microsoft's Windows CE 2.0 as well as infrared and Dual Band technology consumers are being provided with the tools necessary to conduct business in an efficient manner on the move. Simple voice capability is no longer sufficient to accommodate the mobile worker's business agenda - data communication is the future.

Technology for the PC literate enables users to access information readily and remotely and without the hassle of cables. For example Ericsson's MC16's built-in infrared modem facilitates cable-free connection with GSM 600, 700 and 800 series phones, offering a wireless solution for communication on the move.

Infra red technology facilitates communication with PDAs or any PC with an IrDA port. This combination offers a hi-tech taste of the future - instant, effective communication for voice or data using one tiny accessory. Tiny accessories that are increasingly finding themselves built in to mobile solutions: built-in PC card modem, infrared connection, fax and data capability, and improved speech performance using Full Rate/Enhanced Full Rate speech coding is available now making the mobile user more autonomous than ever before. "Our philosophy revolves around making the communication of the future efficient, universal and simple. The less plugs and cables the user has to deal with, the less chance for problems to arise. Our goal is to empower the mobile worker with flexible, effective communication tools -- with minimal hassle and complications," explains Alex Rodrigues, marketing director, Ericsson Mobile Phones UK.