Conference will defend against millennium bomb

IT managers at leading corporates will meet at a 'millennium bomb' conference next Wednesday to discuss how they are preparing for the effect the 1999 date change will have on the nation's computers.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

British Telecom (BT) and IBM UK will be among companies explaining how they are dealing with the issue, which could lead to calamity in finance, transport and other areas. The Year 2000 Conference will take place at the Ramada Hotel, Heathrow and run for three days. The conference will include workshops and reports by experts in the field.

"It's a proper project management job" said a spokesman for BT. "What BT has done is set up a special care team to identify problems throughout the company, and tackle them. We hope that other people are following our lead because usually when something big crashes, something else does too."

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