Control your smoker from anywhere with Traeger's new Apple Watch app

One of the great features of Traeger's WiFIRE-compatible grills is controlling the cooking experience from your phone. With the new Apple Watch app you can perform several of the control functions from your wrist.
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Image: Traeger

I've been smoking on a Traeger Ironwood 650 grill for almost two years and my friends and family have been thoroughly enjoying the results. The smartphone app has proved invaluable in monitoring my smoking sessions and now I can extend that experience to my wrist.

While you still need someone in the vicinity of the grill to fill an empty pellet hopper or remove your finished product, there is value on monitoring and controlling various aspects of the process from your phone or watch. My watch is always on my wrist, even at times when I phone may be in a bag, on a counter, or somewhere else away from me. Temperature and time are key values for a successful smoking experience so it is important to keep an eye on these values.

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Traeger's stated that the new Apple Watch app includes the following features:

  • Grill Temp: Users can monitor and control their grill temperature in real time and make adjustments from anywhere, be it from the kitchen or the ski slopes.
  • Probe Temp: Cooks can set a desired internal temperature and monitor their progress without ever lifting the lid.
  • Keep Warm Mode: Once the recipe on the grill is complete, but the rest of the dishes in the kitchen needs some additional prep, users can set their grill to "Keep Warm Mode" to reduce the grill temperature and ensure the food is ready when you are.
  • Timer: Alerts notify the cook when it's ready to sauce, check, or pull your food.
  • Pellet Level: The pellet sensor will display current pellet levels in real time, so users know when to reload the hopper and keep the stoked fire burning.
  • Super Smoke Mode: This feature allows users to blast their food with 100% hardwood smoke between temperatures from 165 up to 225 degrees. Users can adjust the grill temperature between the mode ranges, and turn on or off.

When I smoke a large brisket for the family, the meat can be on the grill for 10-13 hours and the smartphone and Apple Watch apps allow me to leave the house while still monitoring and controlling the grill. The Apple Watch app is free so if you have a WiFIRE-compatible grill there's no reason not to give it a try.

The Traeger smartphone app is fantastic and I've used it to discover some wonderful recipes that my family thoroughly enjoys. Remote work from home has also provided me with more opportunities to use the Traeger and deliver tasty meals to my family. I highly recommend that you explore the recipes and learning modules in the Traeger app.

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