Coros' Vertix 2S may be the most accurate, longest-lasting sports watch I've seen yet

When you buy a Coros watch, you can trust it will be updated for years. The latest feature update, currently in beta, will bring screen mirroring, a virtual pacer, and more.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Matthew Miller/ZDNET

A couple of years ago, I upgraded my Coros Vertix to the Vertix 2 and have enjoyed regular feature updates that make it one of my favorite GPS sports watches. If Coros added an LED flashlight to the Vertix line, I would even consider leaving my Garmin behind.

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I've spent a couple of days with the new Coros Vertix 2S that is now available in Earth (blue), Moon (silver), and Space (black) editions for $699. Stay tuned for a review in the weeks to come and let me know if you have specific features and functions you want me to test. In addition to the Vertix 2S, Coros this week announced its April 2024 feature update in beta for nearly all currently available Coros GPS sports watches.

Coros Vertix 2S

The Vertix 2S looks similar to the Vertix 2. Three color variations are available with a watch face matching the model name. I was sent the Space model to test out, but the default Space watch face is too light for my aging eyes, so I quickly switched to another watch face that provides me with more useful glanceable information.

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Each of the three models comes in a reusable package made with recycled materials instead of the rugged plastic box of the other Vertix models. Unfortunately, the watch charging cable still uses USB-A, which is disappointing. Matching silicone and nylon bands are included with each Vertix 2S. Over the past couple of years, I have purchased the fabric bands for all of my watches as this style offers the most comfort on my wrist and good heart rate performance, so it is great to see two options available to buyers.

Matthew Miller/ZDNET

Speaking of the wrist-mounted optical heart rate, the Vertix 2S includes Coros' latest five LED and four photodetector sensors, similar to the Apex 2 series, for the most accurate data capture. The optical heart rate is one feature I will test extensively, although the Coros HR monitor is my favorite option for measuring this data from my arm.

The Vertix 2S also integrates the latest GPS chipset for accurate positioning. Dual-frequency satellite tracking with a redesigned antenna arrangement provides precision tracking, with a new Outdoor Climb mode for the most extreme climber.


Heart rate monitor comparison of Vertix 2 (left) and Vertix 2S (right).

Matthew Miller/ZDNET

Coros promises 118 hours of continuous GPS tracking with 48 days of typical watch use or up to 36 days of use with overnight sleep tracking. The company has established itself as the battery leader, so you should be able to trust these battery life estimates. I can confidently say it's a joy to travel and run without thinking about charging up your watch.

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Buying a Coros Vertix 2S is made even better by an exhaustive smartphone app and the Coros Training Hub website. This combination makes Vertix 2S one of the best sports watch options available at an affordable price. 

April 2024 Update

Coros' latest feature update is set to bring a screen mirroring capability that displays activity data and navigational information on your connected smartphone. This feature is great for using your Coros watch as a bike computer, where you can mount your smartphone on the handlebars as you ride, or for hiking, where you want to see more map details on a larger display.

After you update your watch, you can also expect a new Virtual Pacer option that lets you set a target time or pace and then have that data field show up as you run, an FTP test for cyclists, and a Cycling Fitness breakdown that provides insights into your cycling fitness.


The update has many more features for climbers, cyclists, swimmers, and runners, so check out the full update page for the free add-ons.

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The public beta is available now for Vertix 2, Apex 2 Pro, Apex 2, and Pace 3 customers, with the full release scheduled for May 10. Vertix 1, Apex Pro, and Pace 2 owners will receive beta access on May 16, with the full release scheduled for May 30. (Editor's note: Maybe Coros should have called this the May 2024 Update.)

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