Corporate tech frustrates Brazilian office workers

Local organizations fail to take employee needs into account before introducing new tools, according to research.
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer

Brazilian office workers are mostly unhappy with the technology they use to carry out their daily corporate activities, according to a new study.

The Employee Experience Survey 2019 sought to map the level of satisfaction of individuals regarding their corporate environment from the technological, cultural and physical standpoints.

Technology was the area covered by the survey that produced the lowest score, with only 38 percent of the 539 individuals polled rating the tools provided by their employers as satisfactory.

The physical environment - so the actual office space - was positively rated by 54 percent of respondents, followed by the corporate culture, which received a positive evaluation by 49 percent of participants.

According to 45 percent of the individuals surveyed, who operate across 21 market segments, companies fail to listen to the workforce's needs prior to building or procuring new technology.

Overall access to technology to the entire workforce is reported by 48 percent of those polled. However, some segments displayed significantly low levels of availability of tools, such as consumer goods (13 percent) and chemicals (13 percent).

The study noted that the increasing popularity of coworking spaces prompted Brazilian companies to revamp spaces to promote more openness and collaboration. However, a mindset change is still required.

Some 44 percent of organizations covered reported a negative perception of home office practices - on that particular theme, even the technology sector displays some reluctance, where 58 percent of respondents view remote working positively.

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